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Unfair Marketing Report

Here’s how to enjoy an unfair sales and marketing advantage in your business…

I’ve been actively involved in sales and marketing for over 41 years.

And during this time I’ve noticed something very interesting.

No matter what business you are in there is always someone else in the same type of business that is getting better sales results than you are.

Here’s a good example:

When I sold Investment Property many years ago I was doing okay and selling about two investment properties a month.

I then met a super successful investment property sales person who regularly sold six to eight investment properties a month.

I asked him what he did to make so many sales.

Do you know what his secret was?

It was a ridiculously simple sales presentation that took 4 minutes to do.

In this sales presentation (which involved drawing two diagrams on a piece of paper) potential clients could see exactly how investment property works and why they should buy an investment property now.

I then used the exact same sales presentation myself and within 60 days I was regularly making 4 sales a month of investment properties.

In other words I doubled my sales (and my income) by making one tiny change to what I was doing.

The good news is that there are literally hundreds of simple things you can do (like this) to quickly improve your sales results with very little effort.

And that’s the purpose of ‘The Unfair Marketing Report’…

The Unfair Marketing Report is a monthly marketing guide that is only available in hard copy format.

In each issue there are a dozen simple sales and marketing strategies that you can use to increase your sales and get an Unfair Marketing Advantage in your business.

For instance here’s a tiny part of what you’ll learn in The Unfair Marketing Report Volume One…

-A clever technique that a restaurant used to create hundreds of new customers a month by spending less than $100.  (Any business could use this same low cost  technique.)

-The simple strategy that allows an IT consultant to sell his services for $10,000 to $50,000 a month and be booked solid for most of the year. (This strategy is perfect to use if you sell something expensive and want to get a lot more customers buying from you.)

-How to get ideal new customers for free in less than 30 seconds.  (This idea is super simple to use and works like magic to attract ideal new clients like bees to a honey pot.)

-The unfair strategy that a real estate agent uses to get two thirds of his business every month by word of mouth referrals.  (This agent is one of the most successful in the country and his strategy can be used by any business that wants a truckload of highly profitable word of mouth referrals.)

-How a business owner increased his sales over 500% by making a tiny change to how he explained ‘what he sold’.  (And how to use this same change when explaining ‘what you sell’ in your own business.)

-The four sentence referral system that produced 167 qualified referrals in less than one month.  (And how to use these same four sentences in your own business to get all the referrals you can handle.)

-The no cost publicity strategy that a South American business used to get featured in three major media outlets. This strategy grew their sales by 23% and took less than 48 hours to put into practice. (Best of all, any business can use this same publicity strategy.)

– How a website firm charges $50,000 for a website and why they have over 1,200 delighted clients keen to pay this huge amount of money. (The lesson here is that you can sell a similar service to many of your competitors and get paid ten times more money than they charge.

-The three step ‘Raving Fans Referral System’ that a builder uses to create all the new business he can handle. This builder is the most expensive in his city and is always busy because of this three step system. (And yes you can use this same system in your business too.)

-How a business owner took something that all salespeople hate to do and used it to become the market leader in his industry for seven consecutive years.  (This strategy is ideal to use if you have salespeople working for your business.)

-How a printer used the ‘R’ strategy to get one customer to tell hundreds of business owners about their printing business and why they are so good.  (The ‘R’ strategy cost less than $25 to implement and you can use it yourself to turn your own customers into raving fans who talk positively about your business to everyone they know.

-The five minute phone call that you can use to eliminate your two biggest sales objections forever. (This is hands down the fastest and most effective way to eliminate any sales objections that are stopping your business from making sales.)

As you can see, there are some very useful ideas in The Unfair Marketing Report Volume One.

However I’m a big fan of providing added value to all my clients.

So when you invest in The Unfair Marketing Report Volume One you’ll also receive three helpful bonuses.

Bonus One: You Did It

This is a hands on guide to creating more success, happiness and fun in your life.

Here’s a small part of what you’ll learn in this bonus guide

How to eliminate procrastination forever with a $20 note.

The simple rule for happiness that lets you smile and be happy every day no matter what happens to you

The one thing you must do if you want to reach any goal

A clever way to work less and be a lot more productive and successful.

How to use a B.L. to make every year your most successful year ever.

Bonus Two: Think Smart and Double Your Sales

This short guide shows you a simple ten minute strategy that you can use at any time to double your sales fast.

One business owner used this ten minute strategy to earn $54,000 in less than 7 days.

Another business owner earned a $73,000 fee in ten minutes.

The ten minute strategy you learn in Think Smart and Double Your Sales is easy to learn and simple to apply.

Best of all it costs no money to use.

Bonus Three:

I will answer any sales or marketing questions you have for a full month at no charge.

I no longer do marketing consulting for new clients.

So the only way to get my personal sales and marketing advice now is to invest in The Unfair Marketing Report.

Some Good News:

The investment for The Unfair Marketing Report is only $97US a month. (US is US Dollars and includes shipping anywhere in the world.)

Every strategy, technique and idea in The Unfair Marketing Report can be put into action in less than 48 hours.

And most things you can implement within 24 hours.

Some Bad News:

The Unfair Marketing Report is not a magic bullet that you buy and then instantly increase your sales without doing any work.

You have to take action and use some of the ideas in each volume.

If you have a habit of buying marketing or sales resources and then not using them I recommend you save your money and don’t invest in The Unfair Marketing Report.

The Unfair Marketing Report is for serious marketers only.

And in most cases you will get the best results by reading and using the ideas in the Unfair Marketing Report for at least six months.

So if you are hoping to buy one volume of The Unfair Marketing Report and solve all your sales and marketing challenges forever then you are sadly mistaken.

It’s like joining a gym, doing one workout session with a personal trainer and expecting to have six pack abs and a perfect beach body.

It is not going to happen.

The Unfair Marketing Report is where I’ll share the best ideas, strategies and techniques that I have come across to quickly improve sales and give your business an Unfair Marketing Advantage.

Each idea will be explained in full and you’ll be given step by step instructions on how to use it in your own business.

If that sounds like something you would like to use then I invite you to register now.

The investment is only $97US a month which is less than $3.37 a day.

Just click here to get started with The Unfair Marketing Report.

I look forward to working together.

Warm regards

Graham McGregor

PS: Here are answers to some frequently asked questions…

Do you have a sample volume of The Unfair Marketing Report to look at before I buy?

No I don’t.

Each volume of The Unfair Marketing Report is only available to paid subscribers.

Is the Unfair Marketing Report available in digital format?

No it is only available in hard copy format.

Is The Unfair Marketing Report guaranteed to work?

No it isn’t.  Any results you get will be determined by the actions that you take. (So there is no money back guarantee.)

However you can stop your monthly subscription at any point with a phone call or email to me.

If it is working well for you why would you stop using it?

And if it doesn’t work well why would you continue to use it?

Do I get free access to the back issues of The Unfair Marketing Report?

Every so often (maybe once a year) I’ll send a catalog to paying subscribers where you can purchase any back issues of The Unfair Marketing Report for the same price everyone else paid for them.

When is The Unfair Marketing Report published?

It goes to the printer in the first week of each month. And is then sent to every subscriber world wide.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me on

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